Shelter Island


It was a bad start to the proceedings when news spread that Elijah Jackson was out with strep throat. This meant 15 points a night were gone along with all of the emotion he brings to the game. Then Josh fessed up that he wasn’t feeling well and his energy on court was clearly lethargic. Then Tylik went down with an ankle twist and since he was carrying the burden of the scoring load and also was guarding a player good for 20+ a night, if he stayed out this was going to be severe.  To top it all off this game was against the brash team on Shelter Island that boldly declared they would be the squad that heads upstate this year, not the Bees. There’s a big difference between confidence and bravado; in the end form held and the Bees won by 18. Truth be told the game felt a lot closer than the final score and we were all happy to head for the ferry with the ninth win of the season in hand. Credit to Coach Carl who made the key adjustments and kept the pressure on his team to step up. Killer Bees are now 9-1.


Who’s going upstate? That’s what we thought.


Next Game: Friday night, 6pm: Greenport @ Beehive. If you’re still in the Hampies this time of year, when the devil’s wind blows and the polar vortex descends upon us, remember the immortal words of Coach Roger Golden: “The gyms are warm”.